6 Great Picture Books About Inspirational Women + Free Book List 30 Best Picture Books of 2018
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6 Great Picture Books About Inspirational Women + Free Book List 30 Best Picture Books of 2018

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I have selected some wonderful books to add to your bookshelves and enrich your lives.  Each of these books taught my children and I so much about so many amazing women and how they impacted our lives and the world around us.  All of these titles are equally of value and interest to boys and girls.


Each title hear tells the story of inspirational women.  Some are names you will recognise and some you will be amazed that you haven’t heard of before. Not only are these books inspirational but they are also a great read for both children and adults.


Unfortunately we still live in a society with a huge imbalance at its heart.  Reading these books won’t solve it but our knowledge of these women and their stories is a great start to showing the next generation that things can and should be better.



Great picture books about inspirational women

She Persisted Around the World

Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger



This is a wonderful exploration of the lives of 13 inspirational women from all over the world.  Each story is told simply but with great impact.  It’s a great touch to also have real quotes from each of these women sitting alongside the story to motivate and inspire. 


This is such a great book to share with children and will tell them more about familiar names like J.K.Rowling but also introduce them to women they may not have heard of like Brazilian footballer Sisleide Lima do Amor.  This is a book that shows the obstacles that women face globally but also how they overcame them with determination.


Get your copy here



Great picture books about inspirational women

Fantastically Great Women who Changed the World

Kate Pankhurst


This book tells the stories of 13 women from history and presents the information in a different way to ‘She Persisted’.  Each inspirational woman is introduced in a double page spread with great illustrations alongside facts about them and their achievements.


These women overcame the odds to make a real difference to the world around them and their lives and achievements are presented in an engaging and interesting way for young readers.  The format of this fantastic book really opens up the opportunity for some interesting and important conversations with your children.  A great book to share together and discuss.


Buy the book here


Great picture books about inspirational women

Fantastically Great Women who Made History

Kate Pankhurst


A fantastic follow up, this book also delves into history to present the stories of another group of inspirational women from history.  Some of the names included are Boudicca and pirate queen Sayyida al-Hurra.


Each double page spread includes nuggets of information that will be of great interest to younger readers while also including enough detail for older readers who want to dig a little deeper.


Get your copy



Great picture books about inspirational women

Skyward: The Story of Female Pilots in WWII

Sally Deng


This was the book that inspired this list for me.  It made me aware of the recent publication of high quality picture books telling the stories of great women.  This is a beautiful book in its own right and the quality of the illustrations on the cover are continued throughout the story.  While not entirely non fiction the story told gives a fascinating and uplifting insight into an untold history.


The reader is taken along on the journey of Hazel, Lilya and Marlene as they train and fly during World War Two.  The combination of the bravery of these pioneers and the wonderful illustration make this absolute essential for all bookshelves.


Buy the book



Great picture books about inspirational women

Hidden Figures:  The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race

Margot Lee Shetterly, Winifred Conkling and Laura Freeman


An important and accessible account of four inspiring ‘Hidden Figures’ set against a history of segregation.  This is a book that make complex themes and concepts accessible while also adding enough detail to intrigue and educate its readers.  I was totally captivated by the true story told here and it really opened my eyes to things I was previously unaware of.


The illustrations are fantastic and provide a fitting backdrop to such a compelling story.  Another book that is sure to have you researching around the topic and taking about its characters long after it’s been read.


Buy your copy



Great picture books about inspirational women

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman who Loved Reptiles

Patricia Valdez and Felicita Sala


The moment I saw this cover I knew that I had to get this book for my eldest daughter.  Both she and Joan share a fascination with reptiles.  This book tells the story of Joan Procter who, inspired by her childhood love of reptiles, became the curator of reptiles at the British Museum.


This wonderfully told biography also contains a wide range of reptiles that will hook the interest of younger readers.  A fantastic story of determination and commitment told in an amusing and intriguing style.  Go and get it and find out for yourself.

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If you have read any of these books or know of others that should be included here please leave me a comment as I would love to here from you.


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