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Join me as I show you great tips, hacks, and advice to help you to support your child's reading, build their self-esteem and get them hooked on books.
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Inspire Them, Read Aloud Together / 21.11.2018

This post contains affiliate links. For even more great new picture books head to the bottom of this post. Giving a picture book to a child can be a wonderful gift for them.  If you give them one of these picture books it will be a gift for the whole family!   These are four books that I have selected from my list of the best 30 new books this year.  All four of them are astonishingly beautiful in their own unique way.   With the advance of technology you would be forgiven for...

Reading Strategies / 19.11.2018

Book bands can be useful but they shouldn't restrict your choice   (Head to the bottom of this post to find your free Choosing a Book Cheat Sheet!) Choosing the right book can be a minefield particularly if you want to provide your child with books at the correct level based on what they read in school.   School books and books for children who are learning to read are usually designed to focus on certain words or sounds to make the process easier. These books are then grouped into bands, groups or...

Inspire Them, Read by Example, Reading / 18.11.2018

In this video you will learn how focusing on yourself can be a great way to increase your child's interest in reading.     Be a reader yourself! Enjoy some books and talk about them.  Go to the library and get a book for yourself. This is the fourth video in the series: 6 Ways To Get Your Child Hooked On Reading.  This video series will tell you everything you need to know to get your child hooked on reading....