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Join me as I show you great tips, hacks, and advice to help you to support your child's reading, build their self-esteem and get them hooked on books.
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Inspire Them, Reading, Reading Strategies / 29.07.2018

Reading activities at home: Here are six quick and easy strategies that you can you use to help your child apply their reading skills. Most of these have been suggested by my mum, a very experienced Key Stage 1 and Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) teacher, who also had the challenge of a son who took to reading a bit later than most.  (Yes that's me!) Several of these activities may seem to have more of a writing focus.  This is because in many cases reading and writing are...

My Family / 29.07.2018

A post by Emma Russell When Things Seem To Go Too Well So… this is what I know about children- they are not tiny humans. They are far more complicated creatures! My 5 years as a parent has taught me what my 12 years as a registered nurse and 4 years in adult education could not. When our eldest was a baby and a toddler I would devour endless books with her. She would look wide eyed and stab a finger excitedly at the pages. She delighted in story time...