Picture Book Gift Guide + Free Book List 30 Best Picture Books of 2018
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Picture Book Gift Guide + Free Book List 30 Best Picture Books of 2018

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Giving a picture book to a child can be a wonderful gift for them.  If you give them one of these picture books it will be a gift for the whole family!


These are four books that I have selected from my list of the best 30 new books this year.  All four of them are astonishingly beautiful in their own unique way.


With the advance of technology you would be forgiven for expecting that the amount and quantity of new books would be decreasing.  However, this year has seen the publication of a large number of some of the most original and best quality picture books that I have ever seen.


What I particularly love about some of the more recent books is that, while you could easily view them in an electronic format they are often designed so that you are rewarded for viewing the physical book.  Special attention is paid to the quality of the paper and the finish of each.  Believe me you are going to need to go out and hold each of these books in your hands and once you do you won’t be putting them down again for a very long time.



Picture Book Gift Guide

Everything You Need for a Treehouse

Carter Higgins and Emily Hughes

Christmas gift guide everything you need for a treehouse


This book is just beautiful!  It is an instant classic that will be loved by your whole family.  It’s one of those books that will be hugged close by little ones as they fall asleep on Christmas night.  Full of imagination, you are taken on a fascinating tour of many fictional treehouses and given a glimpse of the adventures that happen within them.


Treehouses hold a special magic attraction to so many people and the gorgeously detailed illustrations in this book really do this justice.  If you’ve always dreamed of your own treehouse but that dream has never been realised get this book and read it of the shoulder of your little bookworm.


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Picture Book Gift Guide


Carnovsky and Kate Davies

Christmas gift guide illumanatomy


When this book arrived I was totally blown away by it.  Every time I put it away I had to sneak back and have another quick look.  It’s a very impressive looking book on first viewing but it gives up more and more secrets the more you pore over it.


At first look it reminded me of green and red 3D images that would come with a free set of coloured viewing glasses.  It even comes with its own viewing lenses with have similar look to the old 3D shades.  Each beautiful illustration of the human body is layered in different colours giving each lense the ability to pick out either a view of skin, muscle or bone.


I first read about this book in a review by the Picturebooks Blogger  and was so impressed when they wrote

Illumanatomy‘ is an utterly engaging and mesmerising piece of non-fiction.’

that I bought it immediately. Truthfully this is a book that is always going to be better in reality than in any description of it.  Get yourself a copy and find out!


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Picture Book Gift Guide

Dad by my Side


Christmas gift guide dad by my side


I first read this lovely book with a huge smile on my face.  As a dad of two daughters myself I have never read such a beautiful and accurate depiction of the experience as this.  Simply yet beautifully drawn each picture is wonderfully expressive and says so much more than is written down.


The story portrayed here is so relatable that is sure to be loved and cherished by the whole family.  The beauty of the narrative if this book comes from the well written view point of the little girl.  We are shown the world through her eyes and reminded that simple acts can be a source of such love and comfort.


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Picture Book Gift Guide

Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder: Adventures in Science Round the Kitchen Table

Alom Shaha and Emily Robertson

Christmas gift guide Mr Shaha's recipes for wonder


I have read lots of science activity books but this is so much more than that.  Each activity is introduced and explained in such an engaging manner that it is sure to entrance your little ones but also captivate your whole family.  Simple and effective activities are presented for you to try out and explore while Mr Shaha carefully links them to wider ideas and concepts.


Have a look at this short video to get a look at some of the activities and some of the bigger questions explored.  Buying this book is going to give you a book and a Boxing day spent gathered around the kitchen table with a pile of straws and an empty tube of Pringles.  Just brilliant!


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Christmas gift guide 30 Best New Picture Books

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  • John Adams
    Posted at 09:22h, 23 November Reply

    Oh wow, illumanatomy looks amazing. Great idea for a gift guide buy the way. Get kids reading. Love it.

    • tomrussell
      Posted at 09:54h, 23 November Reply

      Thanks John! Illumanatomy is such a great book.

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