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Work With Me

Grow A Bookworm


Who am I?


I’m Thomas, a teacher, a parent, a bookworm and blogger from Cambridgeshire. With experience as a teaching assistant, teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator,  Senior Leader and more than five years of experience as a parent, I offer a unique skill set to brands and organisations interested in reaching an audience of parents and bookworms.

Grow a Bookworm is a growing brand offering support to parents of early and developing readers.




Who is my audience?


As Grow a Bookworm, I write to appeal to parents aged 25 to 40 who have children in Preschool, Foundation Stage or Key Stage One. This is designed to give them the confidence and specialist knowledge to provide their children with effective reading support.  My approach is to first impart a love of reading to both parents and children and support reading development once they are fully engaged.  See Grow a Bookworm’s guiding principles here.







How to Grow a Bookworm receives most visits from users in the United Kingdom.






Grow a Bookworm is currently working with Cambridgeshire libraries to deliver support for parents of young readers.  I support libraries by delivering interactive sessions to teach key strategies to parents of young readers.




My materials have been used across a range of schools and libraries to promote a love of books as crucial to a child’s reading development.




What Can I Offer During Partnerships?


Grow a Bookworm is looking to work in collaboration with both new and established brands who are looking to engage parents of young readers.


I am always interested in brands who are developing goods specifically for parents to support their children’s reading as well as brands who are keen to share books with children and their parents.




If we were to work together, I can offer the following:


Social media coverage

Blog posts

Photo and video content

Brand Ambassadorship

Competitions and giveaways

If you want to know more, please contact me on




Hire Me


If you would like to do work outside of what I can offer during partnerships I am also available to deliver the following:



Parent Support Sessions

Interactive sessions to build up parental confidence to support their child’s reading. A look at the parent’s role in their child’s reading journey and how reading is taught in schools. Can be tailored to suit your needs.



Whole school inset

I am also available to deliver whole school inset sessions. Possible focuses include:

Engaging parents with reading.

Bringing your school library to life.

Using reading for pleasure to support the curriculum.

A move away from book bands.  How to support children to make independent choices and become readers of real books.

To find out more and to find out my rates, please contact me on  




Disclosure Notice


All reviews/promotion hosted on Grow a Bookworm in exchange for anything will include a sponsorship notice clearly at the top of the post. All reviews, posts or discussions will be true to the guiding principles of Grow a Bookworm and I do not guarantee positive coverage.



Hi, and welcome to How to Grow A Bookworm. I’m Thomas, a teacher of over 8 years, a dad to 2 daughters and a husband to Emma.

Join me as I show you great tips, inspiration and advice to help you support your child’s reading and inspire them to become passionate, lifelong readers.

Come and find out more on my 'About Me' page.

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