Start Here - How to Grow a Bookworm
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How to Grow a Bookworm

Hello and a warm welcome to Grow a Bookworm.  Here I will help to direct you to information that will help you to grow your bookworm and get the support that you need.




Frequently Asked Questions


A great place to start is our Frequently Asked Questions post.  This contains loads of great hints and tips to get you started and will direct you on to more information if you need it.








Inspire Them


If your child is new to reading and you want to get them off to the best possible start visit our ‘Inspire Them’ category.


This is also a great place to go if your child is struggling to engage with reading.


Also if you’re not sure how to support your child at home inspiring them with books and reading is a great way to get started.







Reading Strategies


For great advice on exactly how to support your child’s reading at home visit our ‘Reading Strategies’ category.


Here you will find a range of posts covering all sorts of strategies to help you to provide effective reading support.


This category contains strategies to use when hearing your child read but also some great activities and games that can be used at any time.


A key part of this is also focused on book choice.  We look at how children can learn to successfully choose their own reading books.








Challenge Them


If you’re looking for ways to deepen your child’s reading experience this the place to start.


Here we will look in depth at ways to challenge children in their reading and show you the next steps for a talented reader.


Reading comprehension is looked at in depth here and we have also provided a checklist to help you find which areas of your child’s reading to focus on.










Want a range of reading activities to add some extra excitement to reading time?  Visit the shop and check out our range of printable resources.






If you would like some more information about who will be guiding you through each of these subjects don’t forget to check out the About Me page.



Hi, and welcome to How to Grow A Bookworm. I’m Thomas, a teacher of over 8 years, a dad to 2 daughters and a husband to Emma.

Join me as I show you great tips, inspiration and advice to help you support your child’s reading and inspire them to become passionate, lifelong readers.

Come and find out more on my 'About Me' page.

Get on board below to get three weeks of fantastic reading activities.

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