Useful Alternatives to Hearing Your Child Read - How to Grow a Bookworm
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Useful Alternatives to Hearing Your Child Read

In this video you will learn about 5 alternatives to hearing your child read and how mixing them up can be a powerful tool to get them hooked.



The books I mention in this video are: The Monkey With a Bright Blue Bottom by Steve Smallman and Nick Schon Billy’s Bucket by Kes Gray and Garry Parsons.

Mix up your normal reading sessions. Read to them.  Read together.  Talk about books or films.  Tell stories. Act out or play a story.  Play memory games with sounds.

This is the third video in the series: 6 Ways To Get Your Child Hooked On Reading

This video series will tell you everything you need to know to get your child hooked on reading.





Alternatives to hearing your child read

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